Business / Corporate Law

Our firm represents individuals and corporations in transactional and other business matters, including organizing and setting-up corporations and other business entities, purchase/sale transactions, corporate restructuring, and litigation disputes involving commercial matters.  Running and operating a business is a full-time endeavor, but business owners should not ignore the legal implications of their action(s).  It is often more beneficial and cost-effective for businesses to seek legal counsel in advance of making business decisions, rather than address the legal issues that may arise following a decision that was made without legal advice.

With respect to business and commercial litigation, we devote sufficient time and effort to each case to thoroughly research and investigate the factual and legal issues involved so that the best outcome can be achieved for our clients.  Business and commercial litigation often involves very complex legal issues, and our firm has the experience and legal knowledge necessary to analyze those issues for our clients.

If you have are looking to start your own business, considering entering into a business transaction, or are faced with a business dispute/lawsuit, please contact our firm by phone or by using the form below to schedule a consultation.