Family Law

Family law encompasses legal issues such as marital separation, divorce, child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support (alimony), modification of custody and support, contempt actions, and adoption.  Clients who find themselves dealing with family law issues are often under extreme emotional stress, and in many cases, have difficulty objectively analyzing the situation and making rational decisions.  Our firm is committed to helping such clients — not only to achieve the best outcome — but to minimize the stress of the situation and provide sound legal judgment.

Unlike other areas of law, family law cases are often tried in front of judges, rather than juries.  Judges are charged with the task of making decisions regarding child custody, whereas juries are allowed to decide other issues, such as equitable division of property in a divorce.

The procedural and substantive rules that apply to family law cases are often complex and difficult to understand without formal legal training.  Some people attempt to represent themselves in family law matters, only to have a judge dismiss their case because they did not follow the “rules” governing their particular case.

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