Personal Injury And Wrongful Death

Everyday innocent people are injured as a result of the carelessness and negligence of others.  Whether an injury results from a car wreck, tractor-trailer wreck, slip-and-fall, or medical negligence, these injuries are often devastating and disruptive to the victim’s everyday life.  These injuries often happen when they are least expected, and anyone can fall victim to them.

Our firm proudly represents persons and their families who have suffered injuries or died as a result of the carelessness or negligence of others.  Many of our clients tell us that they tried to resolve their claims with insurance companies, only to discover that many of these companies refuse to pay medical bills, lost wages, or compensate them for their pain and suffering.  In some cases, clients have reported to us that insurance company representatives have been untruthful or disrespectful, which only adds insult to injury.  Most insurance companies have their own attorneys and professional claims examiners, and when dealing with unrepresented individuals, they know that the person is not prepared to take the case to court to obtain a full recovery.

No matter what kind of injuries you or your family have suffered, our firm is committed to devoting the time and effort necessary to obtain a full recovery for your injuries.  We undertake the stress and frustration of dealing with the insurance companies because we understand that our clients need to focus on restoring their physical health (when possible), returning to work, etc.

We do not charge any consultation fee for personal injury cases, so please call us today or contact our firm using the form below if you have a case you would like to discuss.